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How to log your hours:

  • Go to 
  • Click on ‘Login’ – found in the top right of the page
  • Select ‘login as a child’, and use the details given to you by your teacher

What activities can I use for my hours?

  • Any in school extra-curricular activities (sports, music lessons, french club, gardening club, etc.) – collect your stamp code from the teacher running the club.
    • A full list of these can be found on our enrichment page.
  • In school curriculum activities these will be shared with pupils in lessons
  • Activities in the Children’s university newsletters sent out each half term – see below for all.
  • Any nationally recognized activities across the UK – to find these use the CU website here: Activity Search | Children’s University (
  • If you have a local club that isn’t registered collect a registration postcard from Mr Scadeng and hand in to your club to get them to register, so your hours earned with them can count.

Help and Support:

How to log your hours

Children’s University newsletter:

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