Art and DT

The art curriculum at Slade provides pupils with exposure to artists, techniques and significant art movements throughout time. Pupils explore a range of artists, sculptors and craftsmen associated with different times and cultures. A particular favourite often introduced to pupils is Vincent Van Gogh – in KS1 his sunflowers are frequently reimagined and unpicked. Van Gogh is further analysed in KS2 where his vivid painting techniques, self-portraits and state of mind are the topic of scrutiny.

We examine each artist at length including the history, the work as well as the impact the work has had. We also encourage the children to relate this back to them and their personal experiences – are there any links between them and the artist? Can they re-interpret the art in their own way? Not only does the Slade curriculum introduce great art works, pupils are able to study, explore and critique these. This allows children opportunities to explore and become critical thinkers.

Art is often taught in a cross-curricular manner and inter-links with many subjects effortlessly. Teachers are able to plan and deliver lessons which enable pupils to access a range of knowledge and learn new skills/techniques. The teaching of art takes place on a weekly basis giving pupils frequent time and exposure to the arts. Blocks of art are planned where skills are broken down and explored at length throughout a topic. Pupils are encouraged showcase the journey they are going on during their creative learning.

Slade’ s EYFS and KS1 use the ‘in the moment’ planning method which allows for children to lead their learning and lends itself to exploring creativity. This allows adults to tap into children’s interests and facilitate their learning from the very start of their art journey. We believe that self-exploration is key in order to nurture a child’s creative confidence.

In KS2 pupils are able to independently express themselves within their art. They are encouraged to use their sketch books to journal their thought process as well as create mind-maps, mood-boards and use other artistic methods to express their creative journey.

In art as across the Slade curriculum, we also implement the use of knowledge organisers and key vocabulary to enable all pupils to strengthen their knowledge of the arts.

As a culturally diverse school we use the arts to celebrate our uniqueness. We have hosted events where art has been at the forefront. We have also taken part in community projects allowing our pupils to exhibit their talents. During lockdown we carried out an online photography project which proved successful. Slade believes that creating links with our community is the first step in allowing pupils to understand the world, this will inevitably provide a richer school experience for our pupils. Our ultimate goal at Slade is to enable all children to be creatively active; to able to imagine, apply and succeed.