Here at Slade we have adopted the Charanga Music scheme. Music is taught by the class teachers and specialist music teachers from Birmingham Music Service.

Weekly music lessons through Charanga are lively and engaging for our pupils and aim to foster a passion for music in children of all abilities. As part of their music lessons, children will participate in singing, tuned and untuned percussion work, composition, and listening music which they will also appraise.

Alongside our music lessons, we also have specialist music teachers who teach the children how to play a variety of instruments such as; guitar, clarinet, keyboards and steel pans. Children in years 4, 5 and 6 can elect to continue learning to play an instrument and as a school, we fully support this.

The music curriculum at Slade is taught as 6 units spread over 6 half terms. It builds on prior knowledge and skills and ensures pupils get a hands on experience.

Assessment of music at Slade is carried out through lesson assessment questions, much of this will be seen verbally in lessons with pupils given time to act on feedback.