French is taught across Key Stage 2 classes at Slade. There is explicit teaching of French vocabulary, grammar and phonics; the lessons are planned to foster curiosity and develop independence.

We appreciate that many of our pupils are already bilingual and their enthusiasm for languages shows, especially when they are able to share cognates and near-cognates that they know from one language and compare them to French words.

Having learned English phonics in EYFS and KS1, our pupils are taught French phonics throughout KS2. With the use of retrieval practice, they quickly become confident and able to apply their new knowledge to reading and speaking French words.

Our French curriculum includes songs, games and dictionary work. There are many speaking opportunities too. At the end of each year, we plan an event to showcase what the pupils have learned. Most lessons begin with retrieval practice, this strengthens prior knowledge and increases long term memory-allowing our pupils to know more, and remember more, French.

We run a very popular French Club that gives pupils time to practise French in a fun way.

Our Year 6 pupils are invited to join other schools in the ATLP on a visit to France. This gives their language learning a real-life goal.