The curriculum at Slade will be enriched with experiences, immersive, knowledge-engaged and also allows children to explore the wider world around them.

We want our children to leave Slade with a passion for learning and fully prepared for the challenges they will face in their education and later life.

Slade Curriculum

  • Our curriculum aims to provide children with a broad and academic programme that closely follows the National Curriculum.
  • It is a coherent and carefully sequenced (knowledge engaged) curriculum based on the principles of cognitive science. There is a focus on the development of literacy and the application of acquired knowledge to ensure children access the curriculum at a depth to ensure a deep and enduring understanding in discrete subject areas. 
  • The content and experiences within our curriculum are designed to accumulate and address the gaps in cultural capital of all our students in particularly the disadvantaged. Our extra-curricular offer supports our provision, with a focus within each subject thus helping to form stronger schemata for long term retention.