Pastoral, Well Being and Support

Meet the Team

Jaz Khan – Pastoral Leader
My name is Jaz Khan and I have been working at Slade Primary as a Pastoral Leader for the
past 5 years. During this time I have developed the Pastoral provision and team at Slade.
The foundation of any outstanding school incorporates an understanding of current issues
such as children’s mental health, the impact of trauma and the importance of supporting
our children to discover and use their inner resources when resilience is most required. The
Pastoral team at Slade understands that excellent pastoral care can make a real difference
to children and their families. We aim to support our families to make real and sustainable
We understand the impact that excellent SMSC provision can have on our children and
therefore have supported staff in their understanding of how it can be taught at every
I have developed the PSHE programme at Slade that is incorporated with our RSE
curriculum. Our programme has been developed with the needs of children in mind but also
with being sensitive to the needs of our community.
I am a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) in Pastoral care and currently work in Slade and
another local partnership school to ensure that Pastoral provision is the best it can be for all
of our community.

Marie Smith (SEND Consultant/ Specialist autism teacher)
My name is Marie Smith and I’ve been working at Slade for more than three years now. It is
one of my favourite places to be! I have covered both the SENDCo and Pastoral Lead role
and now work alongside senior leadership and the inclusion team supporting all aspects of
special educational needs, disabilities and pastoral needs.
Beyond my work at Slade, I support a number of inclusion leaders in nurseries and schools
across the West Midlands as well as offering specialist advisory work and training. My
specialisms are in supporting children with sensory needs and autism spectrum. I absolutely
love my work and am passionate about championing the needs of children with special
educational needs and disabilities. Over the years I have had the privilege of being an
Assistant Head Teacher for Inclusion and Child Protection, lead teacher for Dudley’s first
ever primary autism base and was lead teacher for autism for Walsall Early Years Special
Needs Team for eight years.
When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband and pug Nero as well as
reading, cooking and travelling.

Chavvis Bennett (Learning Mentor/ PE specialist)
My name is Chavvis Bennett, I have worked at Slade for 6 years now. I started
working as a Sports Apprentice and I am now a Learning Mentor. My role has
developed during my time at school to allow me to best support all of our
students with their pastoral needs. Alongside being a Learning Mentor, I am
also a Designated Safeguarding Lead.
I currently work across the school to support children in all year groups in
multiple ways. I am a very passionate sportsman, I use this passion and the
skills developed during my time playing sports and coaching sports to support
students. Encouraging life lessons, socials skills and building resilience through
sports. It is great being part of the Slade team, coming into work everyday and
being able to help so many different children become successful adults,
working alongside the amazing staff and students at Slade makes for the most
memorable and enjoyable days.
During my spare time I spend it all playing football and doing other sporting
activities, I enjoy being outdoors and trying new things. I hope to introduce our
students to the amazing things that they can achieve though sports.

At Slade we work with a number of expert agencies to support us in supporting our children and families.

Aston Villa Football Club

Beacon Behaviour Support

Beyond the Horizon

Dr Anita Soni (Educational Psychologist)

Mrs Marie Smith (SEND and Pastoral Consultant)

Urban Devotion